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Antibacterial and Anti-viral Sanitizing Liquid for Hands, Alcohol FREE

SaniProt-AF is a sanitizing liquid for hands, alcohol FREE, with antibacterial and anti-viral power, which eliminates instantly more than 99.99% of virus, bacterias and germs.

The active substance in SaniProt-AF is Biodelim®, a 5th generation ammonium quaternary mixture, dosed in the formula for maximum effectiveness, but without being harmful to humans or animals.

SaniProt-AF is used by applying the product on the hands and rubbing until complete evaporation. The hands will be completely clean and without microorganisms.

Mechanism of action : The active ingredient dissolves the lipid membrane and penetrates into the nucleus, where it transforms the protein content and RNA into inert materials, totally annihilating the reproductive capacity of the virus.

Functionality : In SaniGel-AF, it is the vehicle that evaporates, which is water.
The active ingredient remains on the skin with its anti-viral and antibacterial efficiency for a time between 20 minutes and up to 2 hours, depending on the activities that performs the person.

On the contrary, in alcohol-based gels it is the active ingredient, which is alcohol, that evaporates and its anti-viral and bactericidal function ends in a few seconds, when evaporation is complete.

Thanks to its absolute harmlessness to living beings, SaniProt-AF can be applied without problems on any part of people's skin.

Active Ingredient: Mixture of 5th generation ammonium quaternaries.
Other Components: Wetting agent, may contain fragrance.
Vehicle : Water.

Technical Data Sheet pdf                       Safety Data Sheet pdf
Technical Characteristics
Physical State : Viscous Liquid Flammability : NOT Flammable
Color : Transparent Evaporation : Fast
Odor : Typical Protections : None required
Solubility in Water : No Limits Toxicity : NON Toxic
Density : 1.00 ± 0.01 g / ml Life Time in Shelf : 1 year
Viscosity : 150 - 400 cps Physical Separation : None
pH : 7.0 ± 0.15 Chemical Reactions : None
Effects over the container : None
Presentations of the Product
500 milliliters and 1 liter, 3.8, 20 y 200 liters
Hazard Materials Identification System








0 = No Significant
1 = Light
2 = Medium
3 = High
4 = Extreme
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